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5 Simple Techniques For Dr.Keser: Hair Transplants - Follicular Unit Extraction Hair

The Ultimate Hair Transplant Clinic Guide for a Successful Hair Transplant!Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey - Top Clinics & Surgeons - MediGence

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- On the day of the treatment, you should wear a buttoned up t-shirt or a sweatshirt with a front zipper. Prevent using clothing that might enter contact with your head when undressing or dressing up, in order to prevent any possible damage to the newly transplanted grafts. - Make certain to be on time at the clinic.

There are 3 key phases to a hair transplant procedure: 1. The Preliminary Stage: This phase covers all the steps from the minute of your arrival to the administration of local anesthesia. This is the first crucial step to determine whether or not the client may have a condition avoiding them to go on with the procedure.

This presentation by our doctors is special to Smile Hair Clinic as it assists to prepare you psychologically for the operation and at the exact same time notifies you about graft quality and its effect on the last results. Look At This Piece offered helps set practical expectations by resolving the incorrect pledges and the exaggerated outcomes advertised.

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The physician will technically evaluate whether those expectations can be fulfilled, and if required, supply alternatives with visual demonstrations. The strategy of the procedure will then be completed considering both patient input and the doctor's technical recommendations. The blueprint of the procedure will be drawn onto the scalp and your hair will be shaved in preparation for the local anesthesia.

Hair transplants are performed with regional anesthesia. The client is awake throughout the procedure. While you might feel a slight burning for the very first couple of injections, you will feel no discomfort for the rest of the operation. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the local anesthesia to take effect depending upon the person.

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